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    College Connect Summer Program

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    College Connect is a FREE annual summer enrichment program for Chicago high school students. Designed for high school juniors, the program introduces students to college-level coursework while also providing college readiness workshops, career exploration opportunities, and diverse cultural experiences. Each student earns college credit upon completing their College Connect class.

    Each summer, about 100 students from over 50 Chicago area high schools join us for the summer to learn together and explore their interests at DePaul.

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we hosted the College Connect program fully online for the past two summers, but we are excited to come back to in-person instruction on DePaul's Lincoln Park campus.

    Summer 2022 - Back on Campus

    College Connect will run from July 5 through August 5, 2022.

    Students are responsible for their transportation to campus. CTA Ventra cards will be provided for residents of the City of Chicago. Overnight accommodations will not be provided.

    The application is now open!

    Students interested in applying to the program must submit:

    • Online application
    • Personal statement telling us about their academic goals and interests and why they want to participate in College Connect
    • Most current high school transcript (PDF)
    • Recommendation letter from a teacher or high school counselor

    Once the application is complete, our admission committee will admit students on rolling basis, so apply as soon as you can to secure your spot.

    COVID-19 Information

    College Connect will be following official DePaul policies related to COVID-19, as the health and wellness of our entire community are the University’s highest priority. Please visit the website at for up-to-date information, guidance and resources regarding COVID-19. All College Connect students and families are expected to follow DePaul’s policies during the program and while on our campus. 

    The most current COVID-19 information and guidelines for the City of Chicago can be found here.

    2022 Course Information

    CC202203 - Thank You for Your Purchase: How Advertising Impacts Our Society.

    Subject area: Advertising
    Course Description:

    As an industry, advertising can really stink. It can be intrusive, offensive, manipulative, and too often speaks out of both sides of its mouth. And, when it comes to patting itself on the back, its awards events suffer from Academy Syndrome - showy, full of itself, and phony. But it doesn't have to be that way. In the hands of responsible people, people such as those in this class, ads don't have to stink, but can be moving, inspiring, even game changing. Which is why anything is possible when your ads smell as they should. (You know what happens when, “your man smells like the man you want your man to smell like.” Old Spice) In this course students will learn to recognize how ads work (both good and bad), and why. And finally, they will learn to create the ads they want your ads to smell like by examining the ethical and personal impact and influence advertising messages can have on them, and on society.

    CC202206 - The Documentary Portrait: Become a Filmmaker!

    Subject area: Filmmaking
    Course Description:

    This class will focus on the art of documentary filmmaking and how it can be positively used to educate audiences about social change. Utilizing the newly learned knowledge of film making, editing and documentaries, students will use cameras and camera mics to create their own short documentary films. The class will focus on filmmaking and storytelling as both an art form and as socially influential methods. The students will learn basic filmmaking skills and a foundational, practical knowledge and an appreciation for documentary filmmaking as an art form and as an educational tool. Students will create a short documentary film (five minutes or less) exploring a Chicago-based topic that holds importance to them.

    **COURSE CLOSED** CC202201 - Human Biology -- What We’re Made of and How We Function

    Subject area: Biology
    Course Description:

    This course explores human body systems, tissues and the cells therein in order to examine their specialized role in maintaining a healthy, normal-functioning body. This course is intended to have an interactive didactic lesson portion accompanied with a hands-on laboratory. It is expected that students will develop a broad, general understanding of the principles of human physiology, and relate structure to function. Students will gain an appreciation for homeostasis in physiological systems; they will recognize the checks and balances that exist for normal function to occur and the potential for dysfunction and disease when homeostasis is lost.

    *This course assumes a prior knowledge of basic biology

    **COURSE CLOSED** CC202202 - From Pencils to Pixels: Exploring the Art of Animation

    Subject area: Animation
    Course Description:

    Animated content is everywhere these days: TV, movies, video games, websites, education, even medical and scientific simulations. In this five week course, students will explore the power of visual communication and study ways in which animation has been used to educate, influence and envision future worlds. Students will interact with industry professionals to explore the many career paths available in animation as well as explore the state of the art facilities available at DePaul. The class will utilize animation labs at the College of Computing and Digital Media to enable students to gain hands-on animation experience.

    **COURSE CLOSED** CC202204 - Welcome to the Shark Tank

    Subject area: Business and Entrepreneurship
    Course Description:

    This course will cover a variety of business and entrepreneurship topics. Students will learn basics of micro-economics, marketing, financial institutions, business structures, and business ethics. Working in small groups, students will become aspiring small business owners creating a new business they may want to launch. They will research all necessary steps that go into starting a business, write a business plan, design a pitch deck to present to potential investors, and more. The capstone assignment for the class will include a “Shark Tank” type presentation.

    **COURSE CLOSED** CC202205 - Punishment, Criminalization, and Justice: From Retribution to Restoration

    Subject area: Philosophy and Criminology
    Course Description:

    This course will explore a series of historical and contemporary texts from criminology, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, political science, and legal and ethical theory to learn about and analyze:

    • Retributive, utilitarian, and rehabilitative theories of punishment and justice
    • Links between the desire to punish and human tendencies to inflict pain and social control
    • Methods and technologies of punishment, incarceration, and criminalization
    • Uses of law and punishment to criminalize and racialize populations
    • Historical and potential reforms to the penal system
    • Objections to punishment as appropriate to the pursuit of justice

    As we engage in theoretical debates surrounding punishment and go over empirical case studies in application of punishment, we will be invited to form and share our own critical understandings of punishment as well as the appropriate method of achieving justice in our communities.

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    For more information about the College Connect program, see our recent Five Year Report.

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